Interior Truck Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a truck washing company in Dallas, Texas for interior cleaning of your fleet? We at Unique Truck Wash offers  a broad range of cleaning of cabins of all types of trucks, disinfecting and removing all kinds of dirt and all kinds of stains. Our comprehensive cleaning covers cleaning of seats, ceiling, windows and all sides including compartments, drawers. About us, we clean the entire floor with special products to remove stains and disinfecting the entire surface, cleaning of doors and dashboard giving a treatment so that the plastics parts remain in the original color. We give the plastics parts a hydrating treatment to avoid any cracking. In cases of extreme dirt we use special chemicals to remove dirt without damaging the fabrics and in parts such as metals, irons or other parts. Moreover, We provide all types of  Truck wash services which are Tank Washout, Reefer Washout, Hopper Bottom Washout.


Our Interior Truck Cleaning Services Includes:

  •  Vacuuming and comprehensive cleaning of the floor
  •  Dashboard cleaning.
  •  Cleaning of frames.
  •  Cleaning of the ceiling, drawers and furniture.
  •  Cleaning of door frame
  •  Clean interior windows.
  •  Cleaning leather seats

Why Choose Unique Truck Wash for Interior Truck Cleaning

Our Interior washing service removes dirt from door frames and mirrors and dust from all interior plastics. Our truck cleaning service leaves your vehicle impeccable so you can enjoy it again like when it was new.  The all-inclusive interior cleaning service is done by qualified professionals dedicated to your vehicle for as long as necessary. Unique truck wash aim is to provide the better services on best rates that suits the customers requirement.

This allows you to take care of all the details that normally go unnoticed in conventional cleaning, in addition to focusing on the areas where more dirt accumulates. We use products specially designed to obtain the best results without damaging the interior of the vehicle, in addition to our exclusive ecological washing technology.

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle cabin and de-greasing your vehicle is essential to maintaining a brand image. With the modern truck cleaning formula, we do a complete and effective cleaning of your truck interior. We clean and dust it from floor to ceiling, giving it an original shine. We fully disinfect the interior of your truck using modern technology equipment’s to eliminate all bacteria and bad smell.

You can contact us to book an appointment also send us an email at for any queries related to truck washing or visit us at our truck washing station located at 4225 Port Blvd, Dallas, TX 75241, United States HWY I-20 Exit 472, Next to TA.



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