Reefer Washout Near Me

Do you need Reefer Washout in Dallas ? Unique Truck Wash provides you the excellent reefer washout services at a nominal cost. The cleanliness and hygiene of trucks and refrigerator compartments are crucial to the integrity of the food and pharmaceutical goods that are transported. For this reason, we carry out a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the refrigerator, using disinfectant products compatible with the transport of food goods. The transport of food must take place with hygienically suitable means, which protects and avoids contamination between foods.

To ensure food transport to the highest industry standards and improve the level of customer satisfaction, Unique Truck Wash uses modern machines to clean your reefer from inside and outside. We clean the “reefer” through non-chemical processes and we get the waters in compliance with environmental standards.

Reefer washout

Refrigerated trucks Sanitation

The refrigerated trailers require the sanitation and scrupulous disinfection of the compartments that keep the raw materials destined for our tables or the pharmaceutical material cool. This is why Unique truck wash pays particular attention to the internal washing and sanitizing of refrigeration equipment: the non-toxic detergents used guarantee both a thorough cleaning and a complete deodorization of the cold rooms.

Disinfection Reefer Trucks

We carry out the washing and disinfection of the refrigerator using ecological products, compatible with the transport of food. In addition, customized sterilization treatments are performed using systems that use temperatures up to 180 degrees, filtering the steam at 5 microns and guaranteeing complete disinfection by harmful bacteria.

Why Choose Unique Truck Wash for Reefer Washout Services in Dallas?

Refrigerated trucks and food trucks benefit from special washing programs. Due to strict hygienic standards, the products used are specially selected to respect the interior of your trucks for future loads. If you are looking for hygienic solutions suitable for cleaning your truck or servicing your vehicle, go to our washing center in Dallas. We guarantee quality services, a warm and friendly welcome, and competitive rates. The quality of products and materials used ensures a perfect wash as soon as possible, and that, inside and outside of your truck. In addition, the body and the paint of your truck are preserved. The combination of brush cleaning and high pressure allows a more responsible water consumption management.

Unique Truck Wash Complies with the hygiene standards to be respected in storage spaces for food trucks and refrigerated transport in particular. Our truck wash area is equipped with a wastewater recycling system that limits the volume of waste by reusing a large part of the recycled water for the next washing.  Are you looking for a specialist in the cleaning of trucks and commercial vehicles? Contact us.



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